Massage therapy has many proven benefits for the body and the mind. Studies have shown

that it can reduce cortisol levels and helps to reduce muscular pain, along

with reducing movement restrictions with soft tissue causes.

General Massage

This massage is for your general wellness. Your therapist will massage as much of your body as time allows, while focusing on your areas of concern. This massage can be used for relaxation as well has pain reduction in the average person.

Prenatal Massage

This massage is for a person that is pregnant. Your therapist is well trained in massaging during pregnancy and knows what techniques should be avoided as well as how to work common problem areas. You can also go over the best ways to help reduce strain during your pregnancy, based on your personal lifestyle.

Medical Massage

This massage is performed by a therapist that has been trained in medical massage. It is reserved for a specific issue and is not intended to be relaxing. There will be times when you are asked to participate. Because this is issue based, there will be home exercises available for you to do if you choose, that will help you to recover faster.


Reiki is an energy healing. It is based on the first law of thermodynamics, "energy is neither created, nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another". In this way, Reiki is changing the negative energy in your body to positive energy. For more information about Reiki and its use in medical settings, check out this article.