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Yoga is a wonderful way of getting your body back into alignment and helping you to manage your stress. Yoga is part of an ancient Indian tradition that uses movement, postures, breath, meditation, and self-awareness to achieve a sense of stillness in the body and the mind. Having a private session allows you to be able to focus on your strengths and your weaknesses, while reducing the potential for injury. Sessions are appropriate for all ages and situations, even pregnancy.

Private Yoga Sessions

The private yoga session will focus on your strengths and your weaknesses, while reducing the potential for injury. Having a private session allows your instructor to tailor the time to your individual needs. These needs may include injury/disability accommodation, reaching a personal goal, or any other need that you may have. At the end for savasana (a moment for integration) you will have the option for a guided meditation or quiet time to reflect on your session.


Meditation is found in a number of traditions around the world. This means that there are many ways to meditate, and you can probably find a method that works for you. Together we can discover a way for you to take a few moments a day to focus your mind and reduce stress.

Impartial Listening

Have you ever been in public and found yourself spilling all of your feelings to a stranger, and they just smile, nod, and get away as fast as possible? There are times in life when we just need a listening ear. Perhaps you are unsure of to whom you can express your thoughts or feelings, or just want to hear your thoughts out loud. We offer the chance to say what’s been roaming around your head, without judgement or trying to “fix” things. The purpose is determined by you, but sometimes, talking to a stranger is easier than talking to those closest to you.

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