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Here at Spirited Wellness, we offer non-medical services to help

prepare for birth and the first few months of parenthood.

Childbirth Education

Have a private education session for you and any family member or friend that will be supporting you during this time period. We will discuss any questions or concerns that you have and help you to go into the birth with more information about your options. Because we are not affiliated with any birthing facilities, the information is not geared to a certain outcome.

Birth Goals Writing

There are a lot of things to consider when going into birth. Though no one can guarantee what will happen when the time comes, it can be helpful to have some options considered ahead of time. Writing down birth goals can help you to speak with your provider about your preferences, while understanding that the provider will do their best for both you and your child to have positive outcomes. We will start by you telling me your ideal vision for the birth and go from there.

Prenatal Massage

Receiving a massage during your pregnancy has many benefits that include relaxation and reduction in muscular pain. The pregnant body goes through many changes and monthly massages during pregnancy can help navigating these changes. For more information about the benefits of prenatal massage, take a look at this review article,

Prenatal Plans

We have plans available for your prenatal period. Depending on the package you choose, these will include monthly massages for the pregnant person, infant feeding sessions, birth plan writing, and more.

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