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Motivation or Lack Thereof (Depression)

How are you feeling? Are you motivated? Are you getting things done that you need to do? Are you feeling sluggish? Are you feeling so overwhelmed that you just decide to do nothing?

In this results driven world, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, or fall behind in the things that you “should do”. Even the things that we want to do, can become a chore. Something as simple as brushing your teeth, or getting a shower, or sorting the mail can become a seemingly impossible task. Interacting with others becomes daunting, so you tell people what you think they want to hear, but never reveal the struggle inside. On top of all of the daunting impossibility, you feel guilty for not being able to get through the simplest of tasks. It’s more than just laziness, it’s a system shut down.

The question becomes, how do you restart your system? The answer will be different for everyone. Here are some possible places to start.

  1. Rest. Allow yourself to lay in bed and sleep. Or give yourself a break from television, technology, and other people’s voices. Read a book, take a warm bubble bath, lay in bed staring at the ceiling, or anything that feels restorative to you. Unplug yourself from the world around you, and give yourself space to just feel within your body and your mind. Massage, meditation, and yoga are some other ways to feel more in your body, and less in the outside world.

  2. Eat. Find something to eat that nourishes your body and your mind. You want it to be something that has a lot of nutrients, but also feels nurturing. Maybe this is chicken noodle soup, or a bowl of fruit, or something from your childhood that makes you feel safe.

  3. Drink water or herbal tea. You need to hydrate your body to operate optimally. If you can tolerate it, drink your water at room temperature. Cold water requires your body to use energy to heat it up. As much as it is a lifeline for many, try to reduce or eliminate your coffee intake during this time. The energy received from coffee masks how run down your body may be. Avoid alcohol, as it is a depressant and can make you feel worse. Avoid soda or sugary drinks, as the sugar crash can make you feel worse.

  4. Complete a task, any task, no matter how small. Being able to finish one thing, can help you feel as though you have accomplished something for the day. Maybe you will only do that one thing, or maybe you gain the motivation to do more. The important thing is to accomplish that one thing. It might be brushing your teeth, making your bed, cooking a meal, or replying to an email/text message. Set a goal, and achieve it. And know that you did your best whatever the outcome. And maybe tomorrow you’ll be able to do more.

  5. Ask for help. Reach out to family and friends for help and support. If you do not have anyone in your personal circle, reach out to a licensed mental health counselor, psychologist/psychiatrist, or a religious counselor. Find someone, somewhere, that will support you in your feeling of overwhelm, without making you feel worse. Until you find the right person, maybe begin a journal or some way of getting the thoughts out of your head. Sometimes, just by seeing your thoughts written down, you are able to begin taking your power back. For some, medication or herbal supplements may be needed to bring balance back to your mind and body. See a professional to determine what is best for you.

These are some suggestions, and you don’t need to do all of them at once. Start slow, do what feels right for you.

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